Modeling and Simulation Speaker Series: Medical Triage to Military Training with Virtual Heroes

Mar 19, 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Join us for the third session of our Modeling and Simulation Speaker series! This event will feature a presentation on creating a wide range of training platforms from Medical Triage to Military Training with Unreal Engine by the Virtual Heroes Team from ARA. Check out our event page for more info on the full speaker series!

About this event

About the Modeling and Simulation Speaker Series

Beginning in January of 2024 we will be hosting a Modeling and Simulation Speaker series! Each month, we will hear from a different company working in the Modeling and Simulation space about how they are using Unreal Engine to develop the next big thing in the Simulation industry. We have an exciting lineup of industry leaders so RSVP today!

Our Event Lineup

January 30: Creating a Common Simulation Core Platform to Build Complex Training Scenarios Leveraging Unreal Engine, Lockheed Martin, Presented by Adam Breed

February 27: Medical Imagery, Data Visualization, and Digital Twin Training Environments Intuitive, Presented by the Intuitive Team

March 19: Medical Triage to Military Training, Virtual Heroes, Presented by the Virtual Heroes Team

April 18: Build immersive maps with ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unreal Engine, Esri, Presented by Rex Hansen

May 8: Very Large-Scale 3D Simulation Environment Generation based on Satellite Imagery,, Presented by Hannes Walter

About Our Feature: Virtual Heroes

A division of Applied Research Associates (ARA), Virtual Heroes designs, develops, and deploys high-fidelity simulations that blend the best of training development, advanced modeling, and serious gaming technology to create fully immersive experiences. Virtual Heroes leverages their expertise in modeling, simulation, and interactive technologies to create immersive, high-fidelity experiences that are smartly configured to meet the most demanding budgets and timelines. Virtual Heroes became an Unreal Engine Authorized Services Partner in 2023 and has been working with Unreal for 20 years as of January 2024. 

About Our Speaker: Jeff Lyons

Jeff Lyons is the Director of Applied Research Associate’s Virtual Heroes directorate. Jeff has been with Applied Research Associates since 2006. He has worked in the modeling and simulation domain for over two decades. Jeff's accomplishments include developing a complex radar simulation for the F-35 radar system; simulating validated weapons effects in real-time for the live, virtual, and constructive domains; and architecting large-scale simulation software systems.

Jeff is an experienced project and software team manager, leading his team with a customer-first focus. His management expertise includes project planning, project financials, scheduling, resource planning and tracking, business intelligence, staff performance, and business unit management. Jeff earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Florida State University and his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About our Hybrid Meetups 

Our Modeling and Simulation Speaker series will offer Hybrid viewing as some of our speakers are not local to the Orlando Area. The locations for Hybrid viewing will change based on venue availability, please see below for the viewing options.

January: Webex Livestream, In Person at the Virtual Heroes Office, Speaker will be In-Person

February: Webex Livestream, In Person at the Virtual Heroes Office, Speakers will be virtual

March: Webex Livestream, In Person at the Virtual Heroes Office, Speakers will be in person and virtual

April: Webex Livestream, In Person at the Virtual Heroes Office, Speaker will be Virtual

May: Webex Livestream, In Person at the Virtual Heroes Office, Speaker will be In-Person


  • Tallee Klewicki

    Virtual Heroes Division @ARA

    Community Leader

  • Jeff Lyons

    Virtual Heroes Division of ARA

    Community Leader