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Welcome to the Orlando Community!

We aim to bring developers together to network, educate, and demonstrate within the context of Unreal Engine. We want to expand opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, connect new developers with their next job, and train one another on the best innovations within the industry. 

We're connecting community members in Training, Modeling, and Simulation, Virtual Production, Education, Indie Games, and more. If you're looking to stay in the loop on all things Unreal Orlando, this is the place to be.

In 2024 we will be kicking off our Training, Modeling, and Simulation Speaker Series! Sign up for our news letter today so you don't miss out on our upcoming events. 

Past events

Virtual Event

Conversation with Epic Games

Virtual Event

Modeling and Sim Speaker Series: 3D Sim Environment Generation from Satellite Imagery- Blackshark.ai

Virtual Event

Modeling and Simulation Speaker Series: Build immersive maps with ArcGIS Maps SDK for UE with Esri

Virtual Event

Modeling and Simulation Speaker Series: Medical Triage to Military Training with Virtual Heroes



Tallee Klewicki

Community Leader Virtual Heroes Division @ARA

Jeff Lyons

Community Leader Virtual Heroes Division of ARA

Tanya K

Community Leader