Hybrid Meetup: Virtual Ginger Bread Prototyping and Holiday Party!

Dec 14, 10:00 PM – Dec 15, 12:00 AM

Join us in-person or on Discord for a Virtual Ginger Bread Game Jam and Holiday Party!

About this event

On December 14th  at 5:00pm EDT we will be meeting up for a night of networking and celebrating the Holiday Season AND we will also be hosting a virtual gingerbread decorating contest - only this contest comes with a twist.

The challenge for this event will be to bring your gingerbread person into Unreal Engine and prototype a mini game out of it! You can work with partners or on your own for this challenge. Official rules for this event will be posted on December 1st. Think you have the gumdrops for this? RSVP today.


UPDATE: It's time to officially kickoff our Gingerbread Prototyping Contest! For the next two weeks, we invite our community members to rapidly prototype their very own gingerbread-themed minigame! This contest starts RIGHT NOW and will end on December 14th at 5:00 PM EDT with our Holiday Party and Contest Awards event!

Here are the rules:

1. Using Unreal Engine, prototype a minigame that incorporates gingerbread people as the main theme.

2. This minigame may be delivered through any platform that you desire (E.g. mobile, desktop, VR, etc.)

3. There are no limitations to the mechanics of the game, it can be as complex or simple as you desire.

4. To be considered for a prize, you must give a 5-10 minute presentation of your game at the Unreal Orlando Holiday Party on December 14th. Note: Contestants must provide their own hardware for demoing their game. A large monitor and HDMI cable will be available for projecting your game to a larger screen.

5. Contestants may form teams to participate in this event, or they may work individually.

6. Hybrid participation is encouraged! We will host a virtual live stream of the event via Discord for those who are unable to join us in-person. (Although you'll be missing out on the holiday cookies.)

Want to participate but too busy for the contest?

You can choose to decorate a gingerbread friend using photoshop, MS Paint, or any software you prefer and submit it for best virtual gingerbread friend! Download your template here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n_cu5uNKDWVhPMFFc4-oc2mbwqmbx7QH/view?usp=sharing 

Have questions about this event?

You can reach out to tklewicki@ara.com for any questions about this event. Weather you're looking for a team or simply can't stand gingerbread, we're here to support you!

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  • Tallee Klewicki

    Virtual Heroes Division @ARA

    Community Leader

  • Jeff Lyons

    Virtual Heroes Division of ARA

    Community Leader