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Unreal Florida was formed several years ago, for the purpose of bringing South Floridian and Floridian Unreal Engine developers, students, enthusiasts and creatives together. We have been holding workshops and tutorials, having guest speakers from various different parts of the industry, as well as hold local game jams and development competitions. We welcome anyone who is interested in working with the Unreal Engine, regardless of experience level, and regardless of the industry or project. Whether you are interested in game development, film making, VR/AR/XR, architecture, industrial applications or anything else really, you are more than welcome to join us! And if you just wanna drop by and hang out, you are also more than welcome to join us!

Upcoming events

9 sept 2024

Virtual Event

Unreal Florida - Virtual Catching Up

A virtual meetup on Discord, giving our members the opportunity to catch up with each other and discuss ongoing Unreal projects!

Past events

Fireside Chat

Belonging Season 1 : Journey into the emotional lives of MetaHumans

Virtual Event

A Meetup with Eric Bear, actor, Unreal Engine & MetaHuman film maker

Fireside Chat

Unreal Florida - UE5 Nanite Introduction & 2022/23 Outlook


Myron Mortakis

Community Organizer HELM Systems