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"Fueling Imagination, Together in Unreal: Where Artists and Developers Forge Limitless Worlds."

The Unreal Engine Indore Community Group is open & inclusive for everyone from hobbyists and students to professional developers are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Additionally, businesses and industries seeking to explore the capabilities of real-time game engine technology are welcome and encouraged to attend as well.

At Indore Community Group we intend to Support, Encourage, Educate, & Network all of its members together on a journey to build amazing things.

Past events

Fireside Chat

Unreal Brainstormation - Indore Community Meet-up

Fireside Chat

Unreal Engine : Igniting Innovation in Indore


Akash Roy

Lead Game Developer Broken Bulb Studio

Prashant Shriwas

Founder and CEO Pixelji Empires Private Limited