Mike Seese: Rocklen Game Design Pitch and Community Feedback

Saturday, June 5, 2021, 9:30 – 11:30 PM UTC

Join us on Discord as Mike Seese presents the design for his upcoming open world RPG, Rocklen, and give your feedback on the features, story, monetization, and more.

About this event

Join us on Discord as Mike Seese presents the design for his upcoming game, Rocklen, and give your feedback on the mechanics, story, monetization, and more.

We will begin with Mike's presentation, then open the floor to Q&A / feedback from the audience.

Rocklen is an open world RPG set in the future when you discover magic is real, and its misuse is causing global conflict. You'll travel the world in your magical quests, slowly learning more about what magic is and how to master it. What you do with this knowledge is really up to you.

Rocklen is a fairly large-scoped project, especially for a solo game developer. In this talk, Mike presents the game design of Rocklen, looking for feedback from game devs and players alike. Join us to learn more about the game and give feedback on the story, features, monetization, art style, and in-game systems/mechanics.

About the Speaker

Mike Seese is a full-time solo game developer at Incanta Games in the greater Portland area, where he strives to bring magic to the world through gaming. With over 10 years of software engineering experience in multiple domains, he continues to share his experience by creating affordable, high quality C++ Unreal Engine plugins to empower other developers and their games. In addition to this, he's developing the magic-themed open world RPG Rocklen, where players master their arcane calling, discover the origins of magic, and take part in a magical war.



Saturday, June 5, 2021
9:30 PM – 11:30 PM UTC


9:30 PMPresentation
10:30 PMQ & A