Unreal Engine Stuttgart Megameetup #3

neo.Studio - Oscar-Walcker-Straße 15 Ludwigsburg, 71636 - View Map Stuttgart
Fri, Nov 11, 6:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

Let's go virtual! In dieser Ausgabe des Mega Meetups wechseln wir unsere Location: Das Meetup findet in dieser exklusiven Ausgabe im neo.Studio in Ludwigsburg statt. Das neo.Studio ist ein voll Unreal-fähiges Virtual Production Studio mit fünf getrackten Live-Kameras. Wir freuen uns, Euch tiefe Einblicke in die Studiotechnik und die Integration von Unreal im Bereich der Live-Videoproduktion zu geben. Es gibt wie immer leckeres Essen und Getränke - und (aktuell noch geheime) Gastvorträge. Wenn ihr gleichzeitig auf der Open Stage auch gerne Euer Projekt (egal ob Game, Corporate oder andere Mediengattungen) präsentieren wollt, meldet Euch bitte vorab.


Let's go virtual! In this edition of the Mega Meetup we are changing our location: The Meetup will take place in this exclusive edition in the neo.Studio in Ludwigsburg. The neo.Studio is a fully Unreal-capable virtual production studio with five tracked live cameras. We are looking forward to giving you deep insights into the studio technology and the integration of Unreal in the field of live video production. As always, there will be delicious food and drinks - and currently (still secret) guest lectures. If you would also like to present your project (whether game, corporate or other media genres) at the Open Stage, please contact us in advance.


Update 04.11.2022

Dear Megameetup participants,

we are very much looking forward to the MegaMeetup event next week. To be well-prepared, here is some additional information:

17.45 Arrival and check-in, drinks

18.15 Short opening keynote by pulsmacher & b.ReX

18.30 Keynote by Stephan Baier / Associated Partner/Head of Immersive Experience at MHP – A Porsche Company

18:45 Keynote by Stefan Wenz / Business Development Manager - Unreal Engine Enterprise at Epic Games about Unreal 5.1

19.00 Virtual Production Studio Demo

19.15 Try it yourself, Q&A and networking, Dinner (vegetarian) & drinks

You can either travel to the neo.Studio location using public transport, or come by car. As the studio is located in an industrial area, there is usually parking spots along the street that you can use.

You can use this address in Google Maps to get the directions:

Oscar-Walcker-Straße 15
71636 Ludwigsburg

You can enter the courtyard through the big metal gate, the studio is located in the first house on the right.

We're looking forward to the event!

Your MegaMeetup team

Data protection info: There will be videos and images taken at the event. By attending you agree that you're fine with this. However: There is "no-photo no-video" stickers at the entrance that you can choose to wear if you wish to not be in the social media coverage, which will be posted on Instagram, LinkedIN, Meetup.com, Epic Communites and the website of pulsmacher & b.ReX GmbH.


Friday, Nov 11
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (CET)


Oscar-Walcker-Straße 15 Ludwigsburg71636


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