Show&Tell Night! With Competition give away

Sunday, March 15, 2020, 1:00 – 4:00 AM UTC

Our regular show&tell night will be combined with a new competition. You have until March 14th to create a 'Main Menu'. We will review everyones submissions together as a group and have a silent ballot to decide who the winner is. The prize is a $50 steam gift card!! Please check our FB page for more details.

About this event

The Main Menu should be a new/blank project with only the UI you've built. Please bring your rig or a usb and I'll put everyones level on my laptop and we can review everyones submission anonymously.

There are no rules for what this Main Menu should look like or do. Just have it ready to run on start up so I can run them on my laptop without any issues. 

At this meetup we will decide what the next competition should be and when the start/end days will be.  



Sunday, March 15, 2020
1:00 AM – 4:00 AM UTC

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