February Meetup Platform Calgary Discussion

Friday, February 19, 2021, 2:00 – 4:00 AM UTC

This Month’s Meetup will be a presentation and group discussion about Platform Calgary. We've been approached by Platform Calgary for the ‘Tech Hub’ their building in their new Innovation Centre. I will give a brief presentation on the who/why/what is Platform, then I would like to have a group discussion on how our community may use a ‘Tech Hub’ space.

About this event

As I will discuss in my presentation, Platform Calgary reached out to us for feedback and guidance. As a group we should discuss the usefulness of this space and how CGDA could work with Platform going forward. As of right now, nothing is concrete, nothing is formalized. We’re in early stage talks on how they can best serve our community.

Platform Calgary is building a new Innovation Centre at 9th Ave SE, downtown. Just a block away from the new Library. They’re trying to make a better Alastair Ross Technology Centre, a space for hobbyists & entrepreneurs to grow into small businesses. They see the video game industry as an integral part of Calgary’s economic future. They’ve asked us to help guide them in creating a ‘Tech Hub’ space. Asking us what we would find most useful in a space like this, what would convince us to go to and use this space.

I ask you to imagine a potential home for CGDA with all the latest and greatest in tech hardware and software. What does that space look like to you? How big is this room, or how many rooms is it? What type of gear is in there? When would you use this space? These are the types of questions that are in this survey!