Arabic Games Conference 2022 (Online | In-person)

November 4, 2022, 9:00 AM UTC – November 5, 2022, 5:00 PM UTC

Arabic Games Conference (AGC) is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed in the Arab world by Arab creators.

About this event

Schedule and Location :

Arabic Games Conference (AGC) is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed in the Arab world by Arab creators, a first of its kind. And this year we are back for the second edition!

AGC seeks to help the SWANA game community prosper, by facilitating access to educational resources, professional advice, publishing opportunities, jobs, and more, all while highlighting the best work this community has to offer.


Only the first day (Nov 4th) of Arabic Games will be hosted in person at AUC Falaki Academic Center, Cairo, Egypt. The event will be livestreamed on our channels as well.

Other than the Game Showcase Ceremony, you can book a table to showcase your game at the event. Just book a ticket and check the confirmation email for more info on how to register.


The entirity of Arabic Games talks and activities are available to join online.

Make sure to join the discord on to participate in the live Q&A, mentorship sessions, cv & portfolio review, connect with other participants, and make the most of the event!

What to Expect:

Chat with a Pro (Mentorship sessions)

Unsure about how to move forward with your game? Is your story falling short? Does your code feel inefficient?

Chat with a pro and learn how someone solved a tricky problem you’re facing, or level up your game dev skills in a one-on-one call with whoever has the experience to answer your questions, be it in code, art, music, design, story, and more!

Portfolio and CV Review

Applying to your dream job? Trying to get into the industry? Maybe you want a change of pace from where you currently are.

Join our CV and portfolio review to see what the pros think about your CV and what you can do to fix it. Get personalized answers as to how to look more attractive to the HR in your dream companies.

Arabic Games Showcase

Flex your game dev skills in the games showcase below!

You’ve been working on your game for a while and you’re proud of it. It’s time to share it with the world. Show it off in the games showcase, where you can present your game to professionals and gamers. Get direct feedback for your game and advertise it in the games showcase section.


We're inviting industry professionals, the creator that started from the region to share their experience with you!

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P.S. If you are interested in booking a mentorship session, a CV review, or showcasing your game, you will be sent a link to register for those after you book your free ticket.