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"An emerging, diverse Technical & Creative community that spans multiple industries, disciplines, skill sets, objectives, & locations."

The Detroit Community Group or "DCG" is an open & inclusive Unreal Engine group that wants everyone, everywhere & of any skill level to feel welcome. Whether you are only curious, a recent beginner, a specialist, a generalist, a dreamer, or an outright wizard. This group intends to support, encourage, educate, & network all of its members together on a journey to build amazing things.

Detroit helped industrialize the nation & world; as a result, it has a strong history that spans; Automotive, Manufacturing, Technology, Arts, Music, & Entertainment, with countless innovations & innovators that have each changed the world.

Epic Games doubled down on Detroit with the formation of the Detroit Innovation Lab. The most central goal of the "DCG" is to double down on Unreal Engine by helping align & foster a community inspired by "Detroit Culture" that aims to advance both industry & society alike.

While our online meetings will always be open to everyone, our face-to-face meetings are exclusive to the Greater Metropolitan Detroit Aera.

Unreal Detroit Discord.


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